Martial Arts GOLD Team

American Tiger Martial Arts GOLD TeamEndorsed by the National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA).

This is a success oriented program to develop leadership skills. Students are instructed in creative and fun ways which enhance learning and self esteem.

Our GOLD Team students are looked up to as leaders of our school and conduct themselves in a focused and respectful way in all classes. At GOLD Team meetings, we role-play many situations and give our team the opportunity to practice their leadership skills. At the top level GOLD Team members completely plan and run an entire class. We move our team members along at a comfortable pace. Their self-confidence builds with each meeting, class assisted and with every new Level Bar patch received.

GOLD Team is open to all students, Yellow Belt and above who have reached the age of nine years old and know one complete Hand Form. We have had numerous parents tell us what a difference joining this team has made in their child's development.

This is a highly recommended program. We've had numerous parents come to us to tell us what a difference it has made in their children's self esteem and self assurance.

Hours & Location

5849 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, Ca. 92683

(714) 899-2040

Mon & Wed 4:30 - 8pm
Tues & Thurs- 1 - 8pm
Sat 10am - 12pm

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