Demo Team

Martial Arts DEMO Team

We have performed in places all over Southern California; for County Fairs, School Carnivals, Music Concerts, Parades, Holiday Festivities and Charity Events.

Our shows are fun, fast paced and exciting! The Team members range in age from 5 to 50 and we are known for our crowd-pleasing performances. Each team member is talented, focused, respectful and represents our school and style of Martial Arts well. They must also be willing to put in extra training time for practice and performances.

We come to each performance well prepared and tailor each aspect of the show for the individual event. The traditional Kung Fu uniforms we wear represent the culture from which our Kyin Kung Fu San Soo style originates from and, as such, we are all aware that we are representing all the masters and students that for thousands of years have handed down this system of self defense.

We include skits, board breaking, choreographed fight sequences, self-defense techniques and intricate routines, and we often add a bit of audience participation to let the audience experience the empowering benefits of American Tiger Martial Arts Training.

If you are a student or prospective student and are interested in becoming a member of this team, please let an instructor know. The team is open to any belt rank so if we know you might be interested, we will watch you closely during class.

If you are interested in booking our Demo Team, call the school at 714 899-2040 We will design a great performance for your event!

Hours & Location

5849 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, Ca. 92683

(714) 899-2040

Mon & Wed 4:30 - 8pm
Tues & Thurs- 1 - 8pm
Sat 10am - 12pm

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